28 June, 2008

Now you don't

Oh dear. It's done. I have to confess that I cried in the hairdressers. I wasn't upset, I think I was just in shock. It's gone. Well, sort of. There's still lots of it left and I know some of you are thinking, 'what's wrong with the silly cow, she's still got more hair than Paul Daniels/Bert Newton. All the same, I shed a few tears.

So, here it is, my idea of short hair. The hairdresser was keen to chop more off and feels I'd suit a bob. We decided, however, that 5 or 6 inches was a good start. You can't see from the picture but she's cut loads of the sides and I now have a long fringe. Before today my 'fringe' was about 6 inches longer. I was given a lock of hair in an envelope to take with me as a souvenir of my visit. I may need to look at it later.
I went shopping afterwards and bought a new Oroton handbag, a black felt hat (oh, the bitter irony), a pack of blank DVDs (Doctor Who starts again tomorrow), the new Paul Weller CD, two Peter Kay DVDs and a Bill Bailey DVD. All in all it was the most expensive trip to the hairdressers I've ever had.
Still, it's done now and if truth be told, I quite like it. It's going to take some getting used to but I like it.
NB - if anyone posts a Doctor Who spoiler in the comment box I will hunt you down and kill you. Thanks ever so.


Jacki said...

I like it too. I like the colour as well.

And if you find you can't adjust to it - hair does grow alarmingly quickly.

I am due for a haircut myself (though mine is heaps shorter than yours) but couldn't afford it and all the consoling presents too ;)

Oh and I did want to add - I have had traumatic haircuts, tears in the salon and *lots* of panicked moments just after they cut. What is it about hair that gets us so emotional?

SSS said...

I can't afford the presents either!!!

I'm really surprised that I was in tears. I still have a lot of hair left but she really took a lot off. I suppose our hair is such a huge part of our identity.

Foodycat said...

It looks lovely though! I'd like to see a pic from the front.

SSS said...

Sure. Just as soon as I work out how to cover my fizzog with a smiley face!

NiC said...

What you said about having six inches off the fringe reminded me of how I'd judge a haircut when I used to have long hair (though sadly never as long as yours)....as long as I could still see my fringe (without a mirror) I figured it was still OK.

I still hate having my hair cut, I totally understand the tears.

I hope you enjoy the new Dr.Who...it's almost finished here.

SSS said...

Thanks, Nic. We had the Christmas special tonight and the series starts properly next week. I'm looking forward to seeing Donna again!

HH said...

SSS, it is lovely! As I just chickened out of my short hair cut, I understand your anxiety, and am still anxious with my new cut, (they layers are so short and thin!) It really is gorgeous, and doesn't look like it is so much shorter that you can't still do the same things with it as you did before. Those few inches will make styling easier!

mscrankypants said...

The length and shape are lovely, as is the colour. I've never had hair that long as mine is so fine and would look like angelhair pasta, so I can just covet what I'll never have!