01 June, 2008

Joke of the week

Just a short post today. This made me laugh so much I wanted to spread the joy.

Caroline Marcus

ALMOST one in three Australian men want the reality of their bride wearing a white dress down the aisle to reflect the symbolism it's supposed to represent.
Of 57,000 men polled by men's magazine FHM, 28 per cent hoped to marry a virgin, while 41percent wanted a bride who had five partners or fewer, and just 5 per cent wanted a bride who had slept with more than 15 men.
The survey, which ran on the magazine's website for two weeks last month, attracted mostly men in their late 20s, who had jobs and were university educated.
But the ideal may be far from reality, with 2005 research from the Australian Longitudinal Study of Health and Relationships showing that only 11percent of women and 5percent of men aged 16 to 35 had only slept with their current partner.
The same study showed Australian men aged 30 to 39 had on average 9.5 sexual partners and women in that age group, 4.7.
University of New England sexuality expert Dr Gail Hawkes said the response was "astounding". "You would not be surprised if we saw that in 1960, not 2008," Dr Hawkes said.
"We've got a suggestion in popular representations of sexuality that there aren't these restrictions and double standards in sexuality any more, and yet men are telling us there are."Source: The Sun-Herald'

I can't even begin to say how much both entertains me and makes me want to get that 28% and put them all in chastity belts. You silly fuckers. So you want to shag girls but marry a virgin? Hello, boys, welcome to the 21st century. Good luck with your aim of marrying a woman who has kept her knickers on until her wedding day. Actually, make that good luck with life. Has anyone told you yet that Father Christmas isn't real?


Foodycat said...

A court in France has allowed a man to divorce his wife because she lied about being a virgin.

SSS said...

She's better off without him!

mscrankypants said...

The saddest thing is the percentage who want virgins will whinge their arses off when they find their wives don't like sex, or have a limited range of skills, or don't want to try new things. Hah.

Oh my god, women who know what they are doing are sooooo threatening *harumph*.

NiC said...

I'm sure the stats for the UK would be pretty similar but I'm afraid I'm at a loss to understand it.

Can it be anything but male insecurity?