15 June, 2008


Strangely enough I don't have much to say. Work was pretty horrendous this week, the workload was a bit much and I felt that other people were too lazy to use their own brains, choosing mine in preference. I saw far more blood than I wanted to on Wednesday evening due to a 'yucky' dental list and sought sanctuary in the pub with another knackered colleague. The working week ended with the day from hell - what else could one expect from Friday the 13th? - and tensions were high everywhere in the department. Two nurses had a row within an hour and a half of starting (tears in the toilet) and the younger nurses were fighting by lunchtime. I wanted to slap them all but apparently I'm not allowed to. It was left to one of the other senior nurses to read the riot act to a couple of the younger ones and I think there is going to be a repeat performance next week.

It was all a bit too much, quite frankly. The problem seems to boil down to conflicting work ethics. Some people work very hard and pre-empt situations before they occur. They see that other people have a lot to do and help out without being asked. These people are a pleasure to work with. Some people do their own work, they do it well but they don't look for extra tasks. Some people breeze about doing the minimum, manage their time poorly then have a real strop when their slackness is pointed out. They don't help people until they're asked, despite having done cock all for the duration. They do this despite knowing that their colleagues are working so hard they haven't had time to fart. Some people then act like a 5 year old when their lack of teamwork is pointed out. They make snide comments. They complain loudly about how busy they've been, even though it's obvious to everyone in the department that they haven't been. They have no insight. Some people don't realise that everyone else is on to them and knows that they spend all their time talking and not doing. There's a fine line between boyish charm and downright rudeness and some people have crossed that line, nay, leapt across it and done a dance on the other side of it.

Some people are about to get an exceptionally rude awakening. I can't wait.

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mscrankypants said...

It would be a beautiful thing to put all the oxygen thieves on the same shift to see what mayhem ensued (in an ideal world, of course, because the poor bloody patients would suffer).