18 February, 2009

Normal service has been resumed

Back at work for three days and the urge to kill is at an all time peak. Oh yes. I'm back.

Monday wasn't too bad, almost pleasant. Tuesday started with a row of epic proportions with the departments biggest fuckwit. I ended up raising my voice to another human being at 2 minutes to 8 due to being subjected to a barrage of fuckwittage - details if I can be arsed later - which was compounded 2 minutes after that when I entered my department to be confronted by two people looking for something which should have been done during my holiday.

*Brief explanation needed - a new theatre was opened which had a drug safe installed. The safe has a key. Each theatre has two keys, one for the drug safe and one for a central cupboard which contains another drug. No one had obtained a key for the central cupboard in the last two weeks.*

I felt justified in blowing up at this point - what was it, two minutes past eight - at being asked about the whereabouts of a key that some fucker could have organised two weeks ago. Needless to say I put the key onto the key chain myself this very afternoon.

Tuesday just got worse, v busy and lots of people going on about another thing that should have been done during my holiday in December, if you don't mind. It's been dealt with today.

I was late for work this morning due to my own slackness but I was even later than I should have been as the next bus was late and came with a companion bus. To top off my distress I had to wait 35 - count them - 35 minutes before I could even get on a bus to get home. I walked in, turned the TV on to watch The Biggest Loser and promptly rang out for a pizza.

Still, on a positive note, tomorrow is Thursday. Nearly Friday. I can't wait.


HH said...

I would say pleased your back SSS, but the cause sounds too nasty.

Jacki said...

Oh dear! I hope the weekend comes quickly!!

Is it time to book your next holiday?

mscrankypants said...

What a bunch of spoon-fed clusters. Take them out and I'll come and help you dig some holes to bury them in.

NiC said...

This is the problem with holidays...my comiserations.

SSS said...

Thanks all.

I've told them all at work that 2009 is the year of DIY. Anyone coming to me and trying to get me to do something that they can't be arsed to do is going to get blasted. I've had a couple of 'incidents' already but they're getting the message.