04 February, 2009

Happy Holidays - again

Sorry, folks. I've been a bit slack with updates. What can I say? It's summer, it's hot, I'm not snowed in.........

Alright. That was a bit mean. So, what have I been up to? Not a lot. My return to work was a rude awakening, the first shift turned unexpectedly from 8 hours into 12 long hours of working non stop and resulted in very tired and aching legs . The following day two people were off sick, requiring some reprioritising and juggling. The third day was a blur and the fourth day found half the nursing staff in the pub at days end, myself being the first one in there. Which was nice.

I'm on holiday again now as one of my cousins is visiting the fair city of Sydney along with her husband. It's an excellent excuse to take more time off work to make myself 'available' for sightseeing and ad hoc tour guide duties. The weather has been perfect and they're enjoying themselves immensely. The three of us are off on a wine tasting trip tomorrow to the Hunter Valley with lunch being held at one of my favourite breweries. They do the best - and the only - alcoholic ginger beer I've ever tasted.

There was something I was going to go on about today but I wouldn't have a clue what it was. That's the thing about summertime. It turns me into a complete sloth. My moments of rage fade rapidly because I'm too hot to stay annoyed. A great loss to the blog, I feel but it's wonderful for my blood pressure.

I'll try and get annoyed by something soon, I promise.


Foodycat said...

Have a nice time!

KAZ said...

I was just about to rush to the airport to come over and join you - but I think it's probably still closed 'cos of the snow :(
Have a good wine and ginger beer tasting - you obviously deserve it.