17 January, 2009

Nothing to see here

Yes, I'm still here. This lengthy holiday is definately agreeing with me. I'm much less irritable - although I did have a shouting match a couple of weeks ago with a man who was beeping his horn at someone else but annoyed me in the process - and sleeping much better. I sleep past 7am and go to bed late because, well, because I can, really. As predicted I've done as little as possible and I still have a week to go. I've struggled with the crossword, had too many cups of coffee, made a couple of pathetic attempts at housework, read a couple of books, painted my nails, caught up with friends, gone to the cinema a couple of times and had a couple of very damp paddling sessions with a friends children. It's all been quite lovely.

I went to the zoo last week with another friend and her two daughters. It was incredibly hot, the children wanted to run between exhibits with no discernable plan or pattern and as a result we missed the seal show. Here's a couple of shots. The giraffes have the best view in Sydney. And who doesn't love koalas?


HH said...

Enjoy the rest of your break SSS! Great pics again

Foodycat said...

I wonder if the giraffes appreciate it?

NiC said...

Somehow it seems strange to have Koalas in an Australian zoo....aren't they just everywhere anyway?

Don't destroy my illusion of Australia here.....I'm sure there are 'Roos bounding down every street too.

SSS said...

Most zoos and wildlife parks have koalas as starring attractions. I've never seen one in the wild but my friend in Adelaide was looking out of the window the other day and saw one lounging in the tree opposite. Coming from Chingford she was chuffed!

But no, Nic, roos don't bounce up and down the streets. Sorry.

NiC said...

Well, in that case, thats Oz off my must visit list! ;)