06 January, 2009

My morning walk

Ah, Sydney in the summertime. This is why I live where I do, readers. All of these shots were taken this morning when I went for a little stroll in the sunshine.
The most popular coastal walk in the Eastern Suburbs is the Bondi to Bronte. Some of you may have done this walk. It's a nice walk. It's very busy and you stand a high chance of being shoved out of the way by a fitness fanatic/serious exercise type who will hurtle past you with a sense of entitlement - don't you know only the serious exercise people have got the right to do the Bondi to Bronte - but yes, it's a lovely walk.

There's also the Bronte to Coogee walk which in my opinion is much nicer. It's also more challenging as there's more of the uphill stuff going on but it's also quieter as most of the 'serious exercise' types only do the Bondi to Bronte because that's the place to be seen. That suits the rest of us just fine. If you're really serious you can do the Coogee to Bondi walk with the added bonus of being able to fall into one of Bondi's many watering holes at the end of it.
There's also a more gentle walk which is ideal for those days when the temperature is 30 degrees and that's the walk I did this morning. It's probably only a couple of kilometres but the Coogee to Maroubra walk is very scenic. Quite flat but very nice. I did part of it this morning and here are the shots. The very first shot is Coogee beach.

Okay, so I'm no photographer but I think I've done a reasonable job with my mobile 'phone. I hope you like them.


Julian Meteor said...

Looks AMAZING. I am THINKING of coming to Australia VERY soon. Can I stay with you?
Promise I will NOT touch your wife lol

Let me know; either way

SSS said...

Julian, welcome. Here are the rules for commenting here.

No words made up of capital letters. No childish shit. And no. You can't stay with me.

KAZ said...

Now I didn't think you were a cruel person - but these sunny fabulous scenes are just to make us jealous.
And they succeed ..... puts on boots, scarf, parka and thermal gloves to go round the corner for a paper.

SSS said...

Ehem. I believe, Kaz, you'll find the name of the blog is short and sweet and sour. I am the ying and the yang. I am both heads and tails.

But yes. I am cruel. I just thought you might like to see some sunshine. ;)

NiC said...

Ha! Well we had glorious sunshine in London today too. True it was still fecking freezing (well actually it did manage 1ºC for a while) but that's not the point.

It looks glorious, SSS. I've never been to Oz but the third one reminds me of EnZee somehow where I've been several times.

Comparing Oz to EnZee winds up some Australians (in my experience) but I hope it doesn't have that effect on you. This is not the intention, as EnZee contains many of my favourite places on earth, it's means that anywhere compared to it looks nice. 30ºC is too hot though.

Foodycat said...

Very pretty! I wore a down coat, woolly snowboots and thermal gloves today. But I was going to Boots and Marks and Spencer, so there.

mscrankypants said...

I am sitting here imagining Sydney in one of those glorious, heaven on earth days it puts on, and choosing to ignore the humidity that used to turn me into a frizzly-haired, lethargic, grumpy old hag. Great shots.

SSS said...

Yes, Sydney is a great place to be on a beautiful day.

I've only been to New Zealand once, Nic (and shame on you for saying Zee and not Zed!) but will definately be going back. It's truly beautiful. It's also only 3 hours away by plane and as such is a very attractive holiday destination!

Foodycat said...

And of course the good thing about New Zealand is that they serve hot ribena in the cafes.

HH said...

Beautiful Pics SSS, I am looking forward to getting back to Sydney, though not the humidity, I will ignore that.

NiC said...

I know the Americans use Zee which might perhaps normally set me against it but it's one of the few things we agree on....it makes far more sense phonetically than Zed, surely?

SSS said...

Since when has the English language ever made sense? That's the beauty of it. ;)