07 September, 2008

Dear Diary

Another weekend draws to a close and what have I done? Not a lot, actually. I delayed getting dressed until 1.30pm on Saturday then went out in the driving rain to look at settees. I had to wait at the bus stop with a massive group of English backpackers. Christ, they're annoying. Loud and annoying. After that I popped in to visit a friend in Kensington. She kindly gave me a lift home which saved me from getting soaked to the skin. Actually, that reminds me, I walked past the butchers shop and meant to go back and get my goat. Not on my goat. Read here for further details. See that, that's me, that is. Please give Ask Foodycat a go. I have a dull palate and am going to be very unlikely to present any challenge.

Sunday (today), I got dressed at 8.30am and walked up to Clovelly to meet a friend for coffee and to loan her my Flight of the Conchords DVD. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the area let me tell you that it involved a walk up a very, very, very steep hill. I thought I might need oxygen at the top. Fortunately the walk back down was much more pleasant. I then spent an hour or so bitching at another beachside location with a good friend. The area was full of English people again. Don't get me wrong - I'm aware of the double standard I'm about to present - but do all of the 1 million English people in Australia have to live near me or use my bus stop? I shouldn't complain but they're just so loud. Not like me and my dulcet, well modulated tones. Finally came home to read the paper and listen to some more Stephen Fry's podcasts. I found them at about 7am today. Why have I not discovered these before? I was listening to one of them on my iPod as I wheezed up the hill this morning. I'm not sure I would have made it without dear Stephen and his rant.

Had a little nap, made an apple crumble, watched Doctor Who. Now that's what I call a weekend.

Hopefully I'll have something more interesting for you to read later in the week. Who knows, at this rate it'll probably be a piece on my double standards. Ooh, and don't forget to watch the Paralympics.

*Just in case anyone in the UK is interested, the Doctor Who episode we had tonight was Midnight. Bloody amazing. Three episodes to go and Rose is back next week. I am deeply distressed by this turn of events. Donna is an excellent companion and I really, really don't want anything bad to happen. Post spoilers in the comments section and I will hunt you down and kill you.*


HH said...

Sounds like a good weekend to me SSS, I am about to watch tonight's ep of Dr Who...argh!

Foodycat said...

Just as action packed as mine then! Actually, I blame you for my sloth - couldn't really move until I finished that delightful little book! How lovely that her only novel was that one.

NiC said...

No Dr.Who spoilers coming I promise, so you can read on.

I don't like Catherine Tate and didn't care to hear she was going to be the Doctor's new assistant. Having said that, I think she's made a good job of it, far better than I was expecting (most of the time).

I don't think this was one of the better series of New Doctor Who (though there were a couple of good ones) but the last few and the season finale in particular were excellent.....I envy you your first sight of them. Enjoy!

Xmas special not far away for us back home.

SSS said...

The Christmas specials are shown in July or August here. Maybe they think it needs to be watched in the cold.

I agree with you about Ms Tate, I was dreading her being the new companion after her performance in the Runaway Bride but for me she's the best companion since Sarah Jane Smith. She's not cold and sulky like Rose or soppy like Martha. I have no doubt that I'll shed real tears in a couple of weeks.

Funny, you're the second person to say that you envy me seeing them for the first time! I just don't want it to end.

Ambridge Fan of Chelmsford said...

Oh there will be tears,and smiling, and cheering, and actually standing up & applauding and cheering ( or maybe that was just me?).