16 September, 2008

But on that subject...........

Anyone been watching the Paralympics? Outstanding stuff. These athletes are bloody outstanding. Great Britain has 41 golds. 41. 96 medals in total. Australia has a very healthy 20 golds and 71 medals in total and it's not over yet.

Naturally, the athletes will be having parades to welcome them home and celebrate their magnificent achievements. Oh, wait a minute. Australia had a ticker tape parade on Monday for the Olympians. Couldn't wait for the others to come home? Britain is having a celebration for both groups at the same time.

Quite right.

Australian Olympic Committee? Get it right in 2012.

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Jacki said...

I have been really enjoying the paralympics! It really irritates me though how it is run as a completely separate event - surely it could be combined with the olympics? Or events run immediately after if changes need to be made to venues for access etc. I agree it is very poor to have the parade for athletes now!!