23 March, 2008

Easter Weekend Ramblings

SSS is enjoying the long weekend. I've eaten more chocolate than I care to think about and still have a Lindt bunny watching me from the bookshelf. I'm not sure I can face it at the moment. I'm thinking about getting up and turning it to face the wall so that it can't stare at me.

I've had a productive weekend. Yesterday I stayed in bed till 11am for no other reason but laziness. I've had several cups of coffee, eaten chocolate, bought myself some flowers (Heather Mills doesn't need all that money for flowers, she should just pop down to Fox Studios and get two bunches of lillies for $36.00), eaten chocolate, chatted to friends, made a sandcastle or two with my favourite 3 year old, eaten chocolate, sorted through a massive pile of papers, paid some bills, eaten chocolate, put clothes away and watched some rubbish on TV. Great result.

As a confirmed atheist I am happy to celebrate Easter. It's another one of those Christian calendar dates that was plonked on top of an old Pagan festival. In this case it's all thanks to Eastre, Anglo Saxon goddess of fertility. Her sidekick was a hare (meet my friend, the Easter bunny) and in the old world it was all about marking Spring. Eggs are symbolic of new life and have nothing to do with my current levels of chocolate consumption. Still, we atheists and Christians manage to co habit quite successfully and I'll take any holiday that comes my way.

I said I'm an atheist, which means I don't believe in deities or higher powers. In the last census I ticked the humanist box. Well, there wasn't one for Jedi. It's not for everyone but I like the way they think. It's a pro-active approach as well. I was born into a family that has a very casual attitude to religion, I was christened as a baby but I'm fairly sure that was more about my parents wanting to have a party and I'm reliably informed that I screamed all the way through. I'm respectful of other peoples religions (although I'm still pissed off about the road closures for the forthcoming Pope Party) but it seems to me that looking at other religions - or at least the people who purport to be followers - don't feel the same. But this isn't a religion bashing post. Horses for courses (and we're back with the Pope and his road closing visit to Randwick Racecourse). Live a good life. Be nice to people. Help others where you can. Don't turn a blind eye to people in need. Practice what you preach. Look both ways when you cross the road. Don't eat all your chocolate eggs in one sitting. Follow these rules and you'll be okay.

Not a lot to say this weekend, other than a warm hello to my newer readers who have popped up on my Cluster Map. I have no idea how you found me but you are most welcome.

*on the subject of hares, are there any readers of His Dark Materials out there? I read an excerpt from Philip Pullmans new book here. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Hester the hare has got anything to go with Eastre and her hare? Or am I reading too much into things as per usual?


Foodycat said...

It being Philip Pullman I have no doubt at all that Hester the Hare is connecyed to Eostre!

SSS said...

I thought so. Damn, he's clever.

mscrankypants said...

Never eat all your eggs in one sitting? Whoops *burp*. I was kind of proud that I had porridge for breakfast today instead of caramel eggs.

Foodycat said...

Porridge with caramel eggs stirred in could be the way forward. As a long-standing fan of whiskey porridge, I think porridge is under-utilised.