22 June, 2009

Smelly carpets and South Australia

Three weeks. I really thought I would have had something of note to say by now.

I meant to post, I really did. I meant to but somehow I just didn't. I got in from work night after night, flopped in front of the TV, spent meaningless hours in front of the TV or wasting time on the internet and just didn't get round to it.

Anyway, I'm here now. Nothing of note to say, mind you. The most interesting thing to happen to me was last Wednesday when I got home from work to find the bedroom had been flooded due to some interesting drain activity in the bathroom. This event was further complicated by me being due to get on a 'plane less than 24 hours later to fly to Adelaide. The short version - I still got on the 'plane, a man came to clean the carpet on Friday then a plumber came afterwards and flooded the bathroom again. I arrived back on Sunday to an incredibly stinky carpet and a filthy bathroom floor. I'll be sleeping on the settee until the letting agent either arranges to clean the carpet again or rips it up and replaces it.

Adelaide was lovely. The mornings and evenings were freezing but inbetween times the sun was warm and the air was clear. I stayed with an old friend who has a house on the edge of the hills. We drank wine, ate chocolate, laughed a lot and talked about times when we were younger, sillier, braver and relatively responsibility free. Three and a half days later and I'm back to rainy Sydney with a rotten head cold, I'm living in a stinky flat and I'm in a job I can't stand.

Ho hum. Still, there's always tomorrow.


Ambridge Fan of Chelmsford said...

Oh, chicken - smelly carpets and a cold- that's awful. Mind you, I suppose that the cold helps with the smelliness?

Foodycat said...

Sounds like a wonderful break in South Australia! The smelly carpets sound like more reality than is necessary .

mscrankypants said...

I had a couple of smelly carpet incidents with a grey water laundry experiment gone wrong. Hideous smell and I'm feeling for you!

Dragonfly said...

Now that is serendipity....someone was singing that song from Annie (the musical) as I read that...
Hope the carpet sorts itself out soon. I managed to inflict that once on a friends carpet while house sitting when his washing machine exploded....it was nasty.