27 May, 2009


A serious post today.

Three of my workmates are currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Three different women, three different cancers. 'Sophia' is a young, vibrant, funny, intelligent, crazy, lovable, generous woman. She's also facing cancer for the second time in a year. Her only hope of a cure is a stem cell transplant. She has no siblings and only has a 25% chance of a match with a parent. That's bad news for most of us but even worse for Sophia as she only has one parent.

I can't tell you how devastated we all are for Sophia. Not that we've given up and I know she certainly hasn't. She now has to start the search for a compatible donor and hopefully start the life saving treatment which will give her back the full life she so richly deserves.

Why am I telling you all this? I want you to help Sophia and all the other Sophias out there who need to find that person who can save their life.

I can't help. I can't donate blood in Australia due to the threat of CJD so I can't be tested to see if I can help Sophia or anyone else for that matter.

Please give blood. Please ask about other ways to help. Please. You might be able to save someones life.







Foodycat said...

And I can't donate blood in this country because I am married to someone who was sexually active in Africa (more than a decade ago). How absurd when I could be helping.

HH said...

That is terrible SSS. I would give blood regularly if I could, but I am in the same boat as you I think SSS. The worst part of that is that my mum, my sister and I all have to have blood taken off for an iron related condition, and because of the rule, they can't use it.

mscrankypants said...

I'm sending positive thoughts to your workmates and hope like hell such gracious and wonderful people are given a chance.

We are fortunate to have the mobile Red Cross collection visit work periodically and donate without leaving the office.

Jacki said...

Thinking of your workmates and many positive vibes.

I can't give blood either (no wonder they never have enough with so many reasons to not take blood) due to breastfeeding. I am donating money to cancer charities in the memory of my friend who recently lost her cancer battle.