19 July, 2008

The retail invisibility cloak

Bloody electrical stores. Grrrr. Tell me, what is it about my uterus that makes me invisible to male sales assistants? I walked into three electrical stores today in my search for a set top box. I loitered near the television sets in all three stores waiting for someone to come and offer assistance. Fat chance. All the spotty little boys were waiting for men to help. In the third store I practically stomped out as three young men stood idly chatting at the till. One of them had the nerve to stare at my breasts as I left. Yes, you fucking little shit, I have boobs. I also have a brain and I have money, money which I won't be spending in your bloody shop. You can shove your technical knowledge right up your arse.

I don't know why they ignore me. I don't dress like a bag lady. I'm short but I'm not fucking knee height. I don't smell. I'm standing in a retail outlet looking at goods. This in itself indicates that I might like to leave with something. So why don't they come up to me?

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Why didn't you just go up and ask one of them for help?" Good point, well made. It's always been my experience that male -and they nearly always are male - sales assistants ignore me. They see me in a sort of vague way but never come up and offer help and yet they bound up to men. If it's good enough to approach men they should make an effort with their female customers as well. Anecdotal evidence from friends show it's not just me. Christ knows why it happens, you'd think they'd come up to women in an attempt to baffle us with science/bullshit. I've got a good mind to write letters to the managers of all three stores but feel that's just a bit too much.

So, Harvey Norman, Dick Smith and Bing Lee, you're not getting my money. I'll do some internet research and get it that way. I don't even have to get dressed, stand at a bus stop, put up with the general public or be ignored. Google here I come.

So.......does anyone know anything about set top boxes?


Foodycat said...

Yeah - buy on Amazon.

Hey - your favourite doctor is lacking in my favourite doctors!

SSS said...

Who have I missed?

mscrankypants said...

I had a set-top box and paid someone to install it, but I don't know where it is now. I probably got grumpy at all the cables around the place and put it away.

I voted for David Tennant but I have a big soft spot for Christopher Ecclestone.

Foodycat said...

Christopher Ecclestone! Just for "Lots of planets have a north"