03 August, 2008

Daffodil Day

Just a little public service announcement today. I want to remind you all that 22nd of August is Daffodil Day.

Apparently 1 in 3 of us with either be diagnosed with cancer, or have a close family member diagnosed. I don't know anyone who hasn't been touched by cancer in one way or another. I have lost both of my grandfathers to this terrible disease, one to stomach cancer and one to prostate and bowel cancer. Two years ago my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Fortunately he has been cleared by his oncologist after months of treatment. I have known too many women who have succumbed to breast cancer. I have looked after countless patients of all ages who have had their bodies and lives invaded by cancer. I am tired of young lives being snuffed out in their prime.

It's a shitty, hateful, painful, merciless disease. I want it gone. I don't want to lose anymore friends or family members. Please, buy a pen or badge or something. Drop a gold coin in a collection box. Every little helps.

What else can you do? Limit your exposure to the sun. A tan might look healthy but you'll end up with skin like a handbag and/or skin cancer. Stop smoking. Exercise. Eat fruit and vegetables. Ladies, have a smear test. No, it's not nice but neither is cervical cancer. Get your GP to investigate any unusual breast lumps. Boys, have a regular feel of your testicles. Not like you need to be told to do that since most men can't keep their hands off them at the best of times, but if you find a lump, go to your doctor. Dying from embarrassment isn't just a figure of speech.
Blood in your poo? Unusual bowel movements? See your doctor.

Look after yourselves. And spare a few bob for those whose lives have been turned upside down.

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