06 May, 2008

Old Mother Hubbard

Is this the saddest fridge in the Southern Hemisphere? I think so. The contents of the door aren't much better. Milk, more wine, a jar of garlic, a jar of chilli and that's about it. The freezer is housing a packet of smoked salmon and a strip of ice cubes. As for the food cupboard, absolutely nothing of interest. I've never been particularly interested in food. Obviously I like eating it but sadly it's more about making myself feel full as opposed to going for the whole culinary experience. There are lots of good things about living alone but on the negative side cooking isn't high up there on the priority list.

I'm reading a fantastic book. The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett is an addictive little thing. I do love Alan Bennett. I can always hear his voice as I read. I feel the same way about Spike Milligan. Many moons ago my brother drove me to Gatwick airport for a flight to Australia. We passed the time by listening to Spikes taped recording of Adolf Hitler, My Part in His Downfall. We were laughing so much we forgot to pay attention and got lost. At least that's what my brother said.

The inner eight year old is going to be up way past her bedtime on Friday. Work drinks then off to Newtown to see Mark Watson with a couple of friends. Other than that it's another uneventful and increasingly more chilly week in Toytown.
Finally, on the subject of comedy, I never thought that Johnny Vegas was funny but after reading this I think he should be fucking well shot.


Foodycat said...

But the quality! I spy Lindt and Bonne Maman jam - so it may be empty, but what you have in there shows impeccable taste.

And I hadn't read that piece about Johnny Vegas. Christ, he should be arrested!

mscrankypants said...

Chilli is good.

Vegas is a dirtbag of the worst kind.

SSS said...

He's about as funny as treading in dogshit.

James said...

"I think he should be fucking well shot."

Fan of the death penalty without trial are we?

SSS said...


It's an off the cuff remark, clearly. I've been to your blog and read your entry on Vegas. I can only imagine you found me from the comment I left on the F word blog.

If Vegas didn't do what he's been reported as doing I will of course indicate this on this blog at a later date. I still don't think he's funny and reserve the right to propose shooting people as and when I see fit. Luckily we have a)stringent gun laws and b) I don't have a gun so I'd say he's safe for now.